CCYK and its purpose

Colombia Challenge Your Knowledge (CCYK) is a non-profit network, composed of 32 Colombian universities, both public and private, with presence throughout the country and accredited in high quality by the Ministry of Education, whose mission is to promote Colombia as an international destination for higher education and quality research.

The network was created in 2009 and since that year has continuously led several initiatives focused on design, implementation, monitoring and research in the processes of internationalization of higher education in Colombia.

The main objectives of CCYK are:

  1. To promote and disseminate Colombian research, academic and outreach programs abroad.
  2. To strengthen the internationalization of the Accredited Universities of Colombia,To Study current trends in internationalization and promote quality processes in all Colombian higher education institutions.
  1. To promote active collaboration among Colombian universities, making our country a diverse and increasingly integrated campus for national and international students, as well as being a relevant and reliable partner for international education programs.
  2. To integrate internationalization in the curriculum of academic programs.
  3. To integrate strategies for strengthening second and third language in the curricula, not only as a requirement for obtaining degrees.
  1. To manage funds to encourage international student mobility at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  2. To articulate and coordinate resources and efforts to generate greater impact and visibility of the country brand in international forums of high level, as well as international congresses of Higher Education.
  3. To encourage multilingualism among member institutions and promote Colombia as a destination for learning Spanish for foreigners.

Structure and operation:

CCYK has a structure composed:

General Assembly
Board of Directors
Presidency and Vice-Presidency
Program & Project Manager

Products and achievements:

  • International visibility of the Colombia brand as a destination country for Higher Education, through stands at conferences on internationalization of higher education in the world (NAFSA and EAIE).
  • Presentation of papers on the experience and trajectory of CCYK and its member institutions in international conferences.
  • Inbound Mobility Report presented at NAFSA 2016.
  • Development of the Guide Kit for the Internationalization of Higher Education.

CCYK in Numbers

  1. 381.170 undergraduate students

  2. 71.000 graduate students

  3. 22.390 international students

  4. 17.000 (Español) Profesores de tiempo completo

  5. 3.453 researchers recognized by Colciencias.

CCYK in Numbers

Fuente: Reporte anual 2018 - II Encuentro de Rectores y Vicerrectores CCYK