José Alejandro Martínez S. | Jennifer AllenLink

Results of the workshops held in 2018 by Colombia Challenge Your Knowledge network, Universidad Ean and Portland State University, WITH THE SUPPORT OF THE US EMBASSY IN COLOMBIA.

Giovanni Anzola Pardo, Julio Cesar Mejía Quevedo, Daniela Sierra Parra.Link

The Results presented herein gather the responses obtained after the administration of a survey titled Open Campus Report on the Inbound Mobility of US Students to Colombia, with 24 universities from the CCYK Network. This survey was  conducted during March and April, 2016.

Luis Arévalo, Camilo Puerto (Compiladores)Link

Interculturality And Social Inclusion In Higher Education Memoirs Of The Workshops Held In 2017 By Colombia Challenge Your Knowledge Network, California State University, Los Angeles, With The Support Of Icetex