Four reasons why any foreigner should consider a colombian university to study.

Study in Colombia

Colombia is a country recognized worldwide for its landscapes, its gastronomy, and in general its culture full of color and folklore. However, another of its strengths is the quality of its education that is reflected with international recognitions and accreditations to the academic programs of colombian private and public universities.

1. High academic level of the universities
The ranking of the 300 best universities in Latin America, published in December 2018 by the British organization Quacquarelli Symonds, highlighted 53 Colombian universities for the high standards of the quality of their education and for offering their students an environment conducive to their development. skills inside and outside the classroom. Within the count are all the CCYK universities as the best in Colombia.

2. Facilities to access education
Another advantage that attracts foreign students to the country is the ease to perform immigration procedures and obtain a visa to study in Colombia. In fact, most Colombian universities accredited by the Ministry of Education work to establish agreements with universities in other countries to facilitate the exchange of students and facilitate procedures such as the issuance of a temporary visa, which allows students from anywhere in the world to study academic programs with or without a scholarship in Colombia. Also, if you are from any of the countries belonging to the Pacific Alliance, you do not need a visa to study in Colombia.

3. Specialized programs offer
One of the strengths of higher education in the country is that it offers specialized academic programs that are not easily found in other countries. This is the case of Engineering in Nanotechnology offered by the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, the Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy of the Mother Earth specialized in the indigenous customs and traditions offered by the National University of Antioquia and the Archeology, Museology and Conservation and Heritage Restoration programs Cultural Furniture of the Externado University of Colombia.
In addition, if you want to learn or improve your Spanish Colombia is the perfect place, not only because it is the official language but also because of the efforts the government has made to develop initiatives such as ELE Colombia, which since 2012 offers quality programs in alliance with the best universities. of the country so that any foreigner who wants to study Spanish in Colombia can do so. All the information about the programs can be found at

4. Low cost of living
The quality of life outside the classrooms is also a factor that benefits students who come from other countries, and in this sense the universities in Colombia offer many advantages, since the cost of living is much lower than the majority of cities in Europe and the United States and very viable for students in Latin America. In addition, the educational opportunity can be complemented with trips to the hundreds of paradisiacal destinations in the country that will undoubtedly enrich the experience of studying in Colombia of any foreigner without affecting their budget.


In the ranking of the 400 best universities in Latin America, 53 Colombian universities stood out and all CCYK univiersities are ranked.


The cost of living in Colombia is lower than that of most cities in Europe and the United States and viable for latin america foreign students


Colombia offers specialized academic programs that are not easily found in other countries.