Interculturality And Social Inclusion In Higher Education
Memoirs Of The Workshops Held In 2017 By Colombia Challenge Your Knowledge Network,
California State University, Los Angeles, With The Support Of Icetex

These memoirs are the result of a fruitful working relationship that began more than two years ago between the network of accredited universities Colombia Challenge Your Knowledge (CCYK) and ICETEX, whose essence and north has been to work in favor of contributing to the higher education of the country since the internationalization.

One of my main achievements within the ICETEX has been to formulate and implement a policy of international cooperation that is capable of responding to the challenges of the national education system and the needs of Colombian universities to achieve a competitive immersion in global dynamics. The addressing of public resources and of resources that are managed from the international cooperation, to programs and strategies that are clear and that encourage the internationalization of education in the country and promote it as a quality educational destination, should be a State policy that articulates with all the actors, both public and private, of the national higher education system. In this sense, the collaborative work became a premise so that all the efforts and resources march in the same way, towards the development of the country.