CCYK network member universities are adopting all preventive strategies and actions to
contribute responsibly in all efforts necessary to mitigate the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus
(Covid-19). In this regard, we are witnessing that institutions are aiming at preserving the wellbeing of university communities and their families—including foreign students and professors—
in correspondence to containment measures established by local and national authorities.

On March 15, the National Colombian Government released a communication to suspend
classes in all public and private educational institutions in Colombia. In this regard, CCYK
Universities have taken actions such as closing face-to-face classes, national and international
restrictions in the inbound and outbound of students, staff and faculty, and the closing of
massive events. Likewise, in most of the cases, universities have planned remote and/or virtual
technological tools for connectivity and continuation of training.

CCYK network would like to express, on behalf of its 31 Higher Education Institutions, our
heartfelt solidarity with partner (and none) institutions for the difficulties, limitations, and
uncertainties faced by our communities and society. It is our common statement to highlight that
solutions can only be achieved jointly, articulated and coordinated collaboratively, from
responsible, flexible and committed initiatives connected beyond borders, always from
pluralistic, diverse, open, empathetic, respectful and inclusive ways.

Finally, we call on all civil society to act responsibly for the self-care, for the care of the other
and the care of all. It is the duty of each one of us to attend the concerns of the World Health
Organization, WHO, and the local governments to surmount these moments of global difficulty.
On behalf of CCYK member institutions

Giovanni Anzola-Pardo
Red Colombia – Challenge your Knowledge® (CCYK)

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