Colombia is facing two new realities, a post-conflict situation with an undetermined implementation of the peace agreements and another, a pandemic that has it facing the dichotomy of economic stagnation and public health.

Precisely, this document focuses its attention on the behavior of incoming mobility of international students to Colombia for the period 2016-2019-I. This document presents, in a descriptive manner, elements related to the international student movement visiting Colombia, its modalities, the cooperation activities that have allowed it, the services of the institutions, the cities —with their associated costs of living— the security, the most attractive
areas of knowledge, among others. The above, together with a student population of more than 39 thousand students from 65 public and private institutions of higher education in Colombia.

Anzola-Pardo, Giovanni (Editor). “Inbound Mobility Report of International Students to Colombia 2016-2019,1”. Ministry of National Education, Universidad Ean and Colombia – Challenge your Knowledge® (CCYK) network. 2020. Pp. 93.