Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga

Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga is a private tertiary education institution whose purpose is to contribute to the exaltation of human beings based on democratic and liberal principles.

The ultimate goal of the university is to contribute to regional and national progress. Founded in 1952, UNAB is the first private Higher Education Institution achieving the High Quality Institutional Accreditation awarded by the Ministry of Education in Eastern Colombia. The growth and expansion dynamics of the university is represented by a broad and pertinent academic offer, an outstanding volume of research production, and other important activities that make this institution a socially-responsible university. The Academic Area is composed by 6 faculties, 105 academic programs between undergraduate and graduate programs, more than 11.500 students and 37.000 alumni, 30 research groups in all distributed in each of our 6 campus.
In the head of the University: Alberto Montoya Puyana current President, Eulalia García Beltrán, Academic Vice-president and Gilberto Ramírez Valbuena, Administrative and Financial Vicepresident.

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