Universidad CES

CES is a private, national, independent, non-profit, self-sustainable University which offers undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs in all areas of knowledge at a technological and professional level with the highest human, ethical and scientific qualities, thus stimulating cultural, social, ideological, political and religious pluralism.


CES provides a holistic formation for its students through constant curriculum renovation and the promotion of self-training and innovation with the support of a highly qualified teaching faculty committed to institutional development. CES also promotes in all members of the university community a life project that will help them achieve their personal, professional and institutional goals.

The programs at CES are aimed at ensuring the construction and permanent development of its institutional educational project, with high standards of quality and excellence in order to offer society critical, creative, innovative, and ethical graduates capable of leading the transformation of their social and professional environment.

The promotion of research in professors and students at CES is a permanent goal, thereby it stimulates the development of lines and research groups. Similarly CES is projected to society trough advisory activities, continuing education and care services that support teaching.

Áreas de Experiencia

Economic Sciences




Veterinary Medicine