Universidad de Caldas

Universidad de Caldas, a High Quality Accredited by the Colombian Ministry of Education institution, generates, appropriates, spreads, and applies knowledge through curricular, investigative and projection processes.

It is located in the Central Western area of the country in Manizales, a city on top of the Andes Mountains which makes part of the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia, recently appointed as World Heritage by UNESCO. Universidad de Caldas is the oldest and best recognized University in the area and it has contributed to the academic, economic, cultural and scientific development of the region. The University offers 35 undergraduate programs in the Faculties of Arts and Humanities, Exact Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Legal and Social Sciences. Health Sciences, and Engineering; 40 Postgraduate Programs are offered and there are 3 Institutes devoted to Research which belong to worldwide research networks.

Universidad de Caldas has made a lot of progress in internationalization processes reflected in the increasing amount of incoming and outgoing students and faculty members’ mobility, who participate in international networks, increasing number of double degree programs, active agreements with international well-known universities, increasing number of projects developed with international allies.

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