Universidad de San Buenaventura

The University of San Buenaventura is an institution of Higher Education that contributes to the integral development of the human being, through teaching, research, social projection and institutional well-being in the national and international spheres, subject to the principles and regulations As a non-profit institution, as a Catholic institution, it promotes the Christian message from the Franciscan charism, opening spaces for dialogue between faith, science and reason.
From its humanistic conception, the University fosters technical, technological and professional training, as well as scientific and artistic training. It directs its research development towards the constant search for truth, the construction and transfer of knowledge and its application in the problems of society.
The University conceives social projection as the permanent relationship that the institution establishes with the environment.
It bases institutional well-being on the primacy of the person and his relationship with the Transcendent, with himself, with others and with nature.
The University, from the beginning of corporativity, understood as the unity of purposes and contextual diversity, guides its substantive functions, resources and administrative and financial processes. It achieves its aims in the development of the constitutional guarantees of university autonomy, freedom of teaching, learning, research and teaching, in respect and compliance with the law.

Áreas de Experiencia

Economic Sciences

Social Sciences