Universidad del Magdalena

Located in Santa Marta, the oldest city in South America.

This institution was Founded on October the 27th of 1958 with the name “Universidad del Magdalena”, in order to promote the social, political, economic and cultural development of the Colombian Caribbean territory through academic formation.

La Universidad del Magdalena (UNIMAGDALENA) is a public institution offering a history of research excellence, a tradition of public service and a wide range of well-established undergraduate and graduate programs in 7 faculties:

• Engineering, Business and Economic Sciences, Education, Health Sciences, Humanities and Basic Sciences.

We have been classified as one of the top ten research universities in Colombia by the National System of Science and Technology and have been awarded the Institutional High Quality Accreditation by the Colombian Ministry of Education.

On the other hand, as an institutional strategy, The University of Magdalena has aimed at bilingualism and the outgoing and incoming mobility of teachers and students. In the last five years, more than 300 teachers have attended and participated in events, missions, institutional visits, doctoral studies and short courses abroad. Likewise, 339 students have received partial and full scholarships for exchange semesters, research internships and professional internships in countries of Anglo-Saxon America, Latin America, Asia and Europe. This is an Internationalization Policy that is transforming the lives of its beneficiaries and that has transferred to the human resource of the institution a broader vision from international experiences of high impact and strategic agreements.

Áreas de Experiencia

Arts and Humanities

Basic sciences

Health Sciences

Economic Sciences