Universidad de Manizales

Universidad de Manizales is a Private Higher Education Institution with Institutional Accreditation of High Quality given by Education Ministry.

The academic offer is backed by the certifications of accreditation of high quality of its academic programs what allows offers a high level of training according to the requirements in a global environment.

The Universidad de Manizales has more than 7,000 students in 19 undergraduate programs and 29 graduate programs in 5 faculties: Sciences Accountants, Economics and Administrative, Juridical Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, Health Sciences, Sciences and Engineering.
PhD programs:
• PhD in Social Sciences, Childhood and Youth
• PhD in Development Sustainable
• PhD in Training since Diversity
• Postdoctoral Research Program in Social Sciences, Children and Youth in Center for Advanced Studies in Childhood and Youth (Universidad de Manizales & CINDE)
19 research groups and 4 research centers as follow:
• Centre for Advanced Studies in Children and Youth (Universidad de Manizales & CINDE)
• Research Center on Environment and Development – CIMAD
• Studies Center in Knowledge and Culture of Latin America –CECCAL
• Center of Socio-Legal Research

Áreas de Experiencia