Universidad EAN

Universidad EAN was founded in 1968. It has 3 doctorate programs, 18 undergraduate programs and 33 graduate programs. It has 9,554 students: 6,358 undergraduate students and 3,196 graduate students and 38,138 alumni. 11 recognized research groups.

Universidad EAN was the first Colombian university accredited by the American Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACSBP), based in the United States. Also, Universidad EAN has Accreditation by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) and other accreditation grante by ACCA (Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants)., based in the U.K, being the first University in Latin America in achieving this international Accreditation.

Universidad EAN is a private Colombian University located in Bogotá and is recognized in Colombia for its commitment to academic and outreach programs in sustainable entrepreneurship and social innovation, and has been working with the Colombian Government, specifically with the National Department of Planning (DNP), and with The Global Compact in Colombia to bring the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by United Nations and UNESCO to several regions and different productive sectors in our Country. Under the frame of this institutional social responsibility outreach and aiming to complement its current activities to promote economic empowerment as a key tool for a peaceful society, the Directives and academic faculty are implementing methodologies in sustainability, entrepreneurship and circular economies.

In 2018 Universidad EAN begun the construction of the first biosustainable Tower for Higher Education in Latin América, designed by William MacDnough under the Cradle To Cradle certification and it’s aiming to obtain the LEED Gold Certification.

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