Universidad EIA

EIA University, formerly known as Escuela de Ingenieria de Antioquia, was founded as a non-profit private organization on February 14, 1978 by a group of 27 leaders from the government, industry and academia.

Throughout its history, EIA has been recognized for the formation of professionals with high academic and personal qualities. It has provided men and women capable of working effectively with integrity towards the development of society and the country.
As an academic community, it fosters a global vision, internationalization, creativity, teamwork, the improvement of the quality of life and respect for the natural environment, in accordance with the principles of ethics and justice.
EIA offers research, consultancy and service projects to promote development and innovation. Several of them, in cooperation with outstanding organizations and industries in Colombia. EIA shares an Innovation Center with Conconcreto, a large design and building company, located at Las Palmas campus.
EIA is accredited by the National Ministry of Education as a High-Quality University until 2023.

Áreas de Experiencia


Economic Sciences