Universidad Nacional de Colombia

The Universidad Nacional de Colombia was founded on September 22, 1867 after the law 66 of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia. In order to create an Autonomous University that should be part of the Ministry of Education, with special regime, belonging to the State and being Public. The Universidad Nacional de Colombia is the most important public institution with the best academic level in Colombia.

The Universidad Nacional de Colombia is the most important higher education institution, it has four campuses in Colombia: Bogotá, Medellin, Manizales and Palmira, and in five border regions: Amazonía, Caribe, Orinoquía, Tumaco and La Paz, Cesar, being the latest one still under construction. The University promotes equal access to higher education and offers a variety of academic programs; it educates competent and socially responsible professionals to contribute to the unity of the project of nation. Studying and making much of the cultural, natural and environmental heritage of the country.

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