Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB) is a High Quality Accredited teaching university focused on research and innovation.

UPB currently hosts almost 30.000 students at all levels of higher education and throughout Colombia, including its main campus in Medellín and satellite campuses in Montería, Bucaramanga and Palmira. UPB has alliances and agreements with diverse worldwide institutions.
Its Integrated Pedagogical Model is humanistic, multidisciplinary and innovative, supported by well-resourced laboratories, equipped with specialized cutting-edge research technology, as well as digital services that facilitate access to specialized and up-to-date information.
Evidence of UPB’s emphasis on research and innovation appears in the high rankings in U Sapiens, SIR Scimago and QS in recent years. There are over 80 research groups, ranked by COLCIENCIAS, which support the academic programs curricula and transfer services. Through our Innovation and Research Center – CIDI–, UPB promotes a close and ongoing Enterprise-University-State relation, thanks to technology and knowledge transfer, as well as advisory and consultancy services.
UPB features undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees in the following areas:
School of Design and Architecture: Architecture; Graphic, Industrial, and Clothing Design
School of Health Sciences: Medicine and Nursing
School of Economics, Administration, and Business: Management, Economy, and International Business Management
School of Social Sciences: Journalism, Psychology, Advertising, and Social Work
School of Law and Political Sciences: Law and Political Sciences
School of Education and Pedagogy: Education
School of Engineering: Aeronautics, Agroindustry, Electrical, Electronics, Industrial, Informatics, Telecommunications, Mechanics, Chemistry, and Textile.
School of Theology, Philosophy, and Humanities: Theology, Philosophy, Philosophy and Letters, History, Literature

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