Universidad Santo Tomás

The Universidad Santo Tomás is a Catholic Institution of Higher Education of a private nature, non-profit and of national order.

It is present in five cities of the country with campuses in Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Medellín, Tunja and Villavicencio in the face-to-face modality and 23 CAU University Centers in the Open and Distance modality. The Mission of the University Santo Tomás, inspired by the Christian humanist thought of Santo Tomás de Aquino, consists of promoting the integral formation of the people, in the field of the superior education, by means of actions and processes of teaching-learning, investigation and projection social, so that they respond in an ethical, creative and critical way to the demands of human life, and so that they are in a position to provide solutions to the problems and needs of society and the country. In 2027, the University of Santo Tomás de Colombia is an international benchmark of excellent multicampus educational quality, for the effective and systemic articulation of its substantive functions, and is a catalyst for human promotion and responsible social transformation in a sustainable environment of justice and peace. , in pursuit of the common good.

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