Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira

Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira (UTP) is a National Public University founded in 1958 and reaccredited by the National Ministry of Education as an institution of high quality.

It is located in Pereira capital of Risaralda Department, which is part of Colombia´s Coffee Cultural Landscape proclaimed World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

UTP has around 16,400 students in undergraduate programs and 2,100 in postgraduate programs.

It offers different bachelor programs through its faculties: engineering, health sciences, environmental sciences, education, fine arts and humanities, basic sciences, technologies, agricultural sciences and agribusiness. UTP offers 6 PhD programs and 30 Masters’ degree programs as well.

UTP has 108 agreements with Universities in more than 22 different countries and promotes the learning of a second and third language most importantly learning of English. It coordinates and fosters the incoming student mobility (undergraduate and postgraduate) and the outgoing mobility of UTP students towards foreign universities (internships/ short stays, academic exchanges in the frame of cooperation agreements, double degree in the frame of agreements). Also it promotes the establishment of academic contacts abroad with the aim of encouraging the cooperation in both directions (student mobility, teacher and researchers mobility, projects, courses, co-authorship, seminars, double degree).

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